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Tax Planning Strategies for Incentive Stock Options (ISOs)

Develop a tax planning strategy before exercising your ISOs. Commonly referred to as equity-based compensation, the term “stock options” can mean an individual is given equity – or given the option […]

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HSA vs. FSA: What’s the Difference?

Updated for 2019. A health savings account (HSA) and flexible spending account (FSA) may be offered to you through your employer. While these accounts can provide significant tax savings for those […]

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Do Single People Need Life Insurance?

Most people believe that life insurance is necessary only for those that have dependents. However, for those of us that do not have a spouse or children, is the policy really necessary? Although it […]

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Looking Beyond Salary – How to Evaluate A Job Offer

If you’re lucky enough to be comparing job offers, it’s easy to just focus on the salary. After all, for most people this is the largest and most important part of their compensation. However, to […]

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What happens to stock options or awards after a company is acquired?

What happens to stock options or awards after a company is acquired? Depending on several factors, such as what type of equity plan you have and whether your grant is vested or unvested, a few […]

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Don’t Overlook an Employee Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP)

Employee stock purchase plans (ESPP) can be a generous workplace benefit. However, workers often shy away from using these plans because they don’t quite understand how an ESPP works. Tax-qualified […]

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Stock Options: How to Manage

Stock options from your company can represent an opportunity to build significant wealth over your career; but there are complexities based on the type of grant and your personal situation which […]

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