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What Should You Do With Your Old 403(b)? Here Are Four Options.

Updated for 2019. For doctors and medical professionals, switching hospitals often means starting a new 403(b) retirement plan. Before leaving, consider your options for the old plan. In most […]

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Five Tips for Coming Up with a Down Payment (and not dipping into your nest egg)

If you are in the market for buying a home, your first focus is likely on coming up with a down payment. Coming up with a sizable down payment quickly can be difficult, and often leads to questions […]

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Private Practice: The Challenges of Independence and the Key Steps of Survival

by Thomas J. McFarland, III, CFP®

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Physicians as Employees

In the current challenging and rapidly-evolving regulatory environment for the practice of medicine, increasing numbers of doctors are choosing to go the route of hospital employment or group […]

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Changing Medical Economics

A confluence of factors is changing medical economics, including:

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