Wealth Management for Same-Sex Couples

We'll work with you to ensure your financial plan takes advantage of available spousal benefits.

Financial planning has (thankfully) become much easier for same-sex couples in recent years. There are, however, still some planning considerations that require navigation, especially for same-sex couples who don't wish to marry. 

Our team of financial advisors can help you:

  • Review your employee benefit packages to ensure you're taking advantage of spousal and family benefits, such as health care coverage
  • Plan for your short and long-term goals through comprehensive wealth management
  • Ensure beneficiary information is current and aligned with your wishes
  • Review whether changes to your estate plan may be advisable once the portability provision applies for federal estate tax 
  • Coordinate with your estate planning attorney to ensure your estate planning documents are current, including the power of attorney and health care proxy
  • Understand the impact projected Social Security benefits may have on your financial plan
  • Develop a plan and review your options to remain an unmarried couple and still achieve your financial goals and legacy objectives

The Darrow team has a long history of working with a diverse client base and helping them all achieve their wealth goals.

Darrow Wealth Management is a financial advisor in Boston offering clients a complete wealth management solution. As a fee-only wealth management firm, we are only compensated by our clients and do not receive commissions or any other trade-related compensation. Darrow Wealth Management also does not sell securities, insurance, or any other financial products.