Buying, Selling, and Renting: The Homeowner's and Investor's Guide to Real Estate

What every homeowner needs to know...

Whether you're looking to access your home's equity, buy a new home, or purchase a vacation home, there are often key financial considerations at play. Our free guide can help you understand your options and how investing in real estate may impact your larger financial picture.

Topics covered in the Real Estate Investment Guide:

  • Should you pay off your mortgage early?
  • Using home equity
  • Should you sell or rent your house?
  • Buying in a sellers' market: ways to buy a new home before selling the old one
  • Coming up with a down payment
  • Converting your home into a rental property
  • What's the ROI on your home?
  • ...and more!

The Homeowner's Guide to Real Estate is a great resource for existing owners ready to make a change or considering real estate as an investment.


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